For true connoisseurs of good food, good friends and the perfect steak – Mackie’s is where you’ll find all three at their uncomplicated best.

The joy of a melt-in-your-mouth, dry aged steak, the fun of dinner in a friend’s house, the thrill of something really great, done right – it’s what we’re all about, and it’s what we recreate with every meal we serve, every cold beer we pour, and every guest we welcome.

We know one thing, and we know it well: dry aged steak. From the freshest ingredients and simplest preparation, to the most laid back neighborhood vibe, Mackie’s is about keeping it simple. We’re a house full of people who really love steaks, not your average steakhouse.

Stop by and say hi, enjoy the best steak you’ve had in a long time, and leave room for more. Because it’s that more part – more quality, more friends, more fun – that we know you’ll remember long after the first time you sit down to eat with us.


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After you create your account in the app (it verifies your email address), then simply tell your server or bartender you are part of the Lunch Loyalty Program and they will allocate you the relevant points for your purchase.

Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch : )

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907 King Street,
VA 22314
Tel: 703.684.3288
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